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New Food Alert (Quinoa)

In my new quest to find alternatives to rice i found quinoa!!! listen guys i know it’s not news and all but i have been living ignorantly because i refuse to give up rice completely plus the fact that the price of quinoa is kinda high there compared to rice. And i refused believe when people say quinoa is kinda like rice. I majorly just be like are these people crazy?? Rice is bae  and goes with  fish sauce, stew not forgetting  jollof rice etc but you can’t do that with quinoa now can you?

Yesterday i had a friend invite me over to her house and she told me she had quinoa and chicken in her kitchen. she asked that we make something tangible from these, since i’m not a rude person i replied- yea sure but i have never had quinoa and i hope you don’t mind but i already think i won’t enjoy this lunch. Long story short she made me cook it since am the better ‘cook’. We both had quinoa made from fresh chicken broth and tomatoes sauce with roasted chicken. I have to say it was not actually what i expected, it tasted really good.

Now, knowing that quinoa tastes almost as good as rice plus the great nutritional content like high protein,fiber and antioxidant. i will have it incorporated in my weekly meal even though i must admit 100percent it’s not quite like rice.(am Nigerian) hence the stupid love for rice. Lets not forget it’s also pricey but am willing to try more quinoa. Anything for a healthier me am up for it and i want you to share in this too.Do let me know how you eat your quinoa and recipes please!!



Photograph Of The Month (Food Edition)

Foodie Alert!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the second edition but this time i’m going to be less fancy with picture and use our imaginations. i apologize in advance

The picture above is a salad i made 2 weeks ago – i was on a cleanse and experiment to try eating more green vegetables and fruits hence the picture. My plate contains the following …. Spinach, roasted naan ,nuts,chicken breast, carrot, lettuces, celery, red cabbage and home -made dressing (olive oil, lemon,mustard, salt and black pepper)

It was the first time i made a dressing ever and i loved it, the salad was filling and tasty. Four days into my experiment it was surely worth the try as i felt much better.

IMG-20171020-WA0003 (1)
Breakfast- Eggs, mushroom,green onions and jam on bagel with herbal tea.

This was what i had for breakfast on Friday. I had it around past 11am, it was a lazy day and i wanted something quick and healthy at the same time hence this, what i love about this meal  is has a good amount of protein, carbs.


This right here was a product of the food court! I walked into a mall ;looking for a store and i ended up buying this .LOL  I had rice with shrimps and some sauce. it was nice but tasted too salty or it’s me i guess.

P.S – I’m sorry for the bad picture

Jollof Rice , coleslaw and beef.

*Nigerian Jollof* is the best !!!

This was at a Nigerian Restaurant i and friends went to in Toronto. We were celebrating my friend’s graduation from College so we decided to go spoil ourselves naija style. I did not have jollof rice that was my friend but instead i had pounded yam and Oha soup with Goat meat. Guys i kid you not, this meal made me sleep like a newborn baby. i was so happy afterwards topping it off with a bottle of vita malt to complete the meal.

Pounded yam is made from yam ,obviously – boiled yam which is then pounded to  derive the mold texture you see in that picture while Oha soup is made from cocoa yam, ora leave and palm oil. It tastes and feels divine i swear guys…

Pounded Yam and Oha Soup with Goat Meat
Unripe Plantain porridge with vegetable

I made this for lunch this past week as i said earlier i was trying to eat healthier and add more greens and vegetable to my diet.  This was made with palm oil(red oil), unripe plantain, chicken thighs, bell pepper,chili pepper, spinach, celery etc. i also added  some curry and ginger to give it that extra flavour. i am sure my belle was like damn girl – we are winning this season because it tasted delicious.

I Missed My Flight????

Devastated, Hunger, Sad, Frustrated ,Mad,Depressed these are some of the adjectives that could express how it felt that night at Toronto Pearson  Airport ….

Where do i start???

All i can say is i wish this experience on no one first all and always trust your instinct.

The day begins as thus…

So i had my trip planned and all but my boyfriend was buying my tickets from Colombia as i was traveling down there from a travel agent , Initially i was supposed to leave for Bogota on Thursday night at 1am but at around 8pm i got a call from the agent saying ” Because of my passport  (Nigerian) i can’t connect through Mexico airport ,blah  blah…… and she said i’m sorry ”  i was at the hairdressers place at the time i got that call and i was ranting and hollering for 30 minutes until i eventually calmed down. She told me i would leave for Bogota the next night and i said ok. little did i know that i was going to miss my flight! At around 5pm in the evening i called a friend of mine and asked him to please drop me off at the airport – he said he would do so although he was down town but would make it back in time so we could leave for the airport by 8pm since my flight was for 11.40pm and it would take 30mins to get to the airport. I figured the night was going to be perfect.

All packed and ready to leave for the airport at 8pm , my friend still hadn’t showed up,i waited for another 30 minutes then called him but i got his voicemail, i should have known at that time to get a taxi and leave but i didn’t! – Mistake 1

He eventually came at past nine and yea traffic was waiting for us on the highway so we fast forward to where i was running around the airport looking for my carrier to get checked in, i got there at 10.50pm and the fine lady attendant at the counter told me – it was closed,i responded then open it! And the rest was blurry from there on.  I swear it’s not the most pleasant experience- i felt a rush of everything through my vessels, i was confused as to how i allowed this happened and why no one from the air line could help me.

Interjet is the name of the airline. its Mexican and fairly new hence highly affordable  and inefficient. i was told to call their customer care line and that went 1hour well. I’m guessing since they are new they don’t have a stall in the airport hence poor services. Long story short i slept at the airport hoping i would be able to get on the next flight but i was told the next one leaving Toronto was 11.40pm on Saturday. After beating myself and coming to realisation that  i messed up and even worse my agent who am sure bought my flight ticket for as low as nothing wanted to have nothing to do with me i picked myself up and took a taxi back home. This was the same taxi i was trying to not take in the first place. Free ride comes with a price i understand now….

I got home bought a new ticket and left later that night, conclusively i won’t be buying any flight ticket for Catalina, already blocked her from my contact list and secondly don’t be stupidly cheap like me Losing 1000dollars worth ticket over a free ride to the airport.


“Gbesunmobi” is the new vibe

I am always looking for new music especially afrobeat infused, urban, hip and rap music. And so i stumbled on this incredible artist page on Instgram.

The name of the song was what got my attention as it means “bring it closer” in English. I quickly did what an inquisitive mind would,using the googler and checked her out. I listen to the song and no bullshit; it was good. I mean the production was neat the vocals are decent and her flows on the beat was seemless.She turned me into a fan, seeing her progress over time and passion grow for music so guys today shes on my blog.

About Sayo-

She is a U.K artist and loves music intensely. She prides herself as been versatile in any music genre but is more focused on the Rnb, Rap, Pop and Afrobeat. 

Her new single – Gbesunmobi was produced  by Lexyflow and the video was shot in London by Simplycity visuals. The song expresses how lovers show affection towards eachother. In this case it’s the female that’s actually voicing out her affection and appreciation towards her lover in every form and way. It’s a love song with a twist.

 You can also get Sayo’s music on SoundCloud while she works on putting her music on other platform’s she is also on YouTube, so dont hesitate to check her out on there.

Connet with Sayo on



Facebook –

 Soundcloud –


Soundcloud Podcast Series

Hi Family,

It been a minute………….. i am so sorry. i missed you guys so much and i hope you did miss me too?

I have been taking in what life has been throwing my way- Literally this year is one that i thought would never happen to me. I did almost everything by the books but still fell on the unlucky side but that aside i am writing you today meaning i am still standing and will keep forging ahead! One thing that gets me going is my vision. Knowing fully well i have a lot of work to do and every little step matters hence this podcast series.

This is my baby project, i figured i love to talk and need a space so why not jump on soundcloud with a good colleague of mine and make magic! we are on our fourth series into the podcast and would love for you to listen, enjoy and spread the word. Myself and Joseph on social @stjoe who is incredibly eloquent, knowledgeable and a major hip hop groupie, we try to breakdown latest happenings in entertainment especially the world of hip hop giving our honest opinion. If you like this kind of commentary or you know someone who is major hip hop junkie direct them to our podcast.

We still don’t have a name for the show, what should we call it? Do hit play on the link below.


Thank you…….


As the CNE,(Canadian National Exhibition) also known as the EX wraps up today  September 4th at the Exhibition grounds those of you who don’t make it this year and thinking about it next year here’s so of the things i think you should know.

The CNE attracts hundreds of thousand of people from all over the world, everyday for the 18days it runs through, it is one of the largest annual fairs in North America. How ever you are getting to the CNE it’s always a struggle with the long queues ,clumsy crowd,etc. It’s overwhelming almost but here are some guides to help you have a smoother and fun experience at the CNE!

  1. CASH ONLY– If you are like me then you like to not walk around with cash thanks to interac and android pay these days but the CNE doesn’t allow for this luxury as you require cash at almost every food vendor or gaming center you patronize. The only place i remember having the option of not paying cash was at the ticket outlets,but everywhere else i checked out with my friends we had to pay with cash. Infact i had to use the ATM and i got charged 3 dollars, so imagine the inconvenience of looking for an ATM machine in a crowded and busy ground full with people and probably have to wait in line for a couple of minutes at the ATM, waste of time and vibe killer. So avoid this and go with cash especially if you have a large family, indecisive of with you want to do or just don’t have a budget. i  highly recommend going with some cash. But if you run into this problem you can find an ATM at the food building, at the shopping center and some on the ground close to the gaming section.


LONG QUEUES – Yes! it’s inevitable and it doesn’t change with the time of the day as long as the CNE is open the long queues just fill up everywhere. From the gate entrance to the food building especially the rides ,OMG! i and my friends had to stand in line for an hour and 40mins for a ride that lasted only 1minute and you would think we are grown up’s with better things to do but that was the case. Almost every ride at the CNE had these queues so we joined in the waiting fun. We only went on two rides between but the wait  in totally for these ride was about 2hours 30mins. I would suggest going to the CNE with comfortable shoes,and a bottle of water in other to make the process less drenching.

FOOD BUILDING- This was the first place we went to immediately we made our way into the CNE and we were not disappointed. I was overwhelmed as a matter of fact because there were so many sections and food vendors in and outside the building that i had a tough time choosing so i settled for some Rice and peas with goat (Jamaican ).  It wasn’t so good depending on the price -15.75 but i was hungry and wanted something to eat without waiting in line for a long time.  I also stopped for some dessert at the Cake Shack and i wish i had a picture to help describe the joy i felt at the sight of my treat.What i should have done was checked the CNE website and look up the food vendors ahead of time so as to avoid walking around the huge food building looking for what food vendor is there and what they have. I also should have used the Map but i totally forgot until i was on my way out of the CNE.  P.S- If you aren’t into food there are street food, dessert places, pubs etc as well.

EVENTS LINE -UP– There is so much to do at the CNE that you can’t be bored or not find anything that would catch your eye. The rides this year was top -notch in my opinion, the dress up’s the rock bands and musical performances, the games, the market vendors, the shopping center, the food building, the media interaction ,the vijay’s etc. Whatever you are into or not into you can come across at the CNE. Oh and the air show is another highlight at the CNE.20170903_202826

FREEBIES AND GREAT DEALS– You can get to win free gifts, cash included at the CNE, another reason i go lol but i haven’t won nothing yet so am going to try next year. Radio stations particularly looking to engage their listeners and reward them hence freebies. Also the vendors tend to have good deals depending on what you are in the market for. It’s kinda like a flea market but alil bit expensive i would say but hey it the EX everything is expensive sadly.





Photograph’s Of The Month (Food Edition)

Food Foodie Food Alert !!!!!!

Thats me, yep! hence why i have a hard time dropping these calories. Bruhh really though what is life without the tastiest, spiciest, flavour dripping circus happening in your mouth??? These are a few meals i had the pleasure of trying out in Bogota, Colombia last month.

A restaurant called Patacones on Septima and Calle 63


Tostas is kinda like a Starbucks but in my opinion cheaper and better  while Tipicas is an Empanada place with good reviews.
  • Arepas, empanadas,cafe and aromatica are some of the easiest street food to come across on the street of Bogota so why not indulge? This is me indulging….
  • Plantain is a part of Colombian recipe, eaten with rice and fish or just fried on it on with some guacamole.
  • An Ice cream store is in every nook and cranny of Bogota, even when it’s cold the people of Bogota are still having some ice cream … Like i don’t understand but i join in the fun too.
Orso Ice cream on a raining night!