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New Food Alert (Quinoa)

In my new quest to find alternatives to rice i found quinoa!!! listen guys i know it’s not news and all but i have been living ignorantly because i refuse to give up rice completely plus the fact that the price of quinoa is kinda high there compared to rice. And i refused believe when people say quinoa is kinda like rice. I majorly just be like are these people crazy?? Rice is bae  and goes with  fish sauce, stew not forgetting  jollof rice etc but you can’t do that with quinoa now can you?

Yesterday i had a friend invite me over to her house and she told me she had quinoa and chicken in her kitchen. she asked that we make something tangible from these, since i’m not a rude person i replied- yea sure but i have never had quinoa and i hope you don’t mind but i already think i won’t enjoy this lunch. Long story short she made me cook it since am the better ‘cook’. We both had quinoa made from fresh chicken broth and tomatoes sauce with roasted chicken. I have to say it was not actually what i expected, it tasted really good.

Now, knowing that quinoa tastes almost as good as rice plus the great nutritional content like high protein,fiber and antioxidant. i will have it incorporated in my weekly meal even though i must admit 100percent it’s not quite like rice.(am Nigerian) hence the stupid love for rice. Lets not forget it’s also pricey but am willing to try more quinoa. Anything for a healthier me am up for it and i want you to share in this too.Do let me know how you eat your quinoa and recipes please!!


Canada 15Oth


I clearly don’t qualify to write this but i don’t care because this is looking like my new home so yes i do qualify. I have spent the past year in Canada ,Toronto to be exact and it’s not so bad. I mean i miss my family and all, including Colombia,ahhh Colombia; that is a different blog post for another day however Canada just turned 150 and the various festivities were befitting if i must that. A Ton of ways to celebrate this proud milestone for Canada included parades, fireworks, walks across the city,ribfest and the waterfestival and the duck of course to name a few.

Selfie amist the crowd with the famous duck

There was everything and anything you can think of from performance from band member U2, to the royal family of England making an appearance at the parliament Hill in Ottawa to the enormous rubber Duck at the harbourfront in Toronto which cost over 100,000 cad dollars ,just sayin’  and the prime minister himself Justin Trudeau and his graceful wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau . Most importantly the ability to be able to come together and integrate the many diverse cultures is what make Canada great. Now it’s not perfect there is still room for growth and more  Continue reading “Canada 15Oth”


The world around us seems to be full of lots of up’s ,tribulations, trials they seem to be constant. This past week was one like that for me, i just wanted to pause time and try to figure out what i did wrong. Sometimes i feel like i’m not doing enough and sometimes i’m sure of myself. i have more frustrating days than more happy days try as i might to be confident and positive i still go to bed wondering………..

I have this map about how my life was going to play out-you know? I was sure and ready to rock that life but reality and God is like chill dear, LOL. The news about the Grenfell fire in London that suddenly claimed lives of young, beautiful people shook me not because i don’t hear a lot of bad news everyday dahhh!!!! The news this days is full of them but the fact that those lovely people went to bed thinking – oh! yea i’m going to do this and that and had a whole bunch of to dolist . Just waiting for the morning to come but unfortunately that was not the case.  My point is life is a gift, i know this but sometimes i allow myself to drown in my failures rather than my accomplishments.


#This are to people like me, feeling under and down#  You got this!!!!

Don’t give up, find the simplest things around you that makes you smile and do that every day. Make sure to speak with a close friend of yours whenever it seems like life situation is choking you out.  I cry even, because that’s how i release tension and sadness. And most of all be sure to appreciate every time you have on earth because tomorrow is not promised.Spend time with your loved ones,

Live more,travel,go to that concert you think you can’t afford. LIVE IN THE MOMENT!



Whether you grow up in the late 80’s,90’s or y2k (2000), the group TLC was POPPING!!!  They were every where from parties, the streets,the movies and on the radio. I can’t forget hearing this melodic yet lyrical song – No scrub, i was 12 0r 13 years old and as a girl who went to a missionary boarding school – i hardly know what new songs was out or even had the chance to listen to anything other than christian songs. So whenever we went home on a midweek break – my one mission was to sit close to the radio and listen to all the new and old songs and memorize them.  You can imagine my excitement when no scrubs came on i was like i have to learn this and was gonna prepare a choreography with my friends to the song for an event called “social night”


All this to say this group was part of the soundtrack to my early teenage years and i loved every minute of it. Sometime in 2015 Chill and Tboz started a kickstarter to help them make a new album after their last album in 2002, 430,000k later the album which was promised to be released later that year was a hoax. This sent fan into a frenzy but fast forward to June  2017 the 1st official video to their new single is out!!!!!!!!  Its called way back  – listening to it it brings a lot of feelings, some two stepping and slow wine. Check the video out and let me know your top 3 TLC song as for me……..

  1. Creep
  2. No scrubs 
  3. Diggin’ on you  

P.S – Their album hits the shelves on the 30th of june, anticipate music fans.  And a world tour near your city this summer,



I have been sitting on this particular blog post for a while, my bad. i was waiting for the perfect day – crazy right? Well guys……

This is one of the beautiful days i spent in Bogota Colombia on my last trip in December. i and my friends went out to the very historic and touristic part of Bogotá (La Candelaria). This is the hippest, one of the busiest, multi- cultural and cool part of cuidad de Bogotá. I can write a book on La candelaria, it was my 1st home when i got to Colombia. Ahhhhh- sweet memories. I remembered getting “dumped” in a hostel called Masaya Hostel, with no understanding of spanish, no Colombian pesos etc. i had to share a bunk bed with a girl from Greece, ohh yea my luggage was missing so i had basically nada! She helped me feel comfortable and get around La candelaria. i remember getting lost around but the one thing that would stand out and help me retrace my steps were these bold and colorful graffiti. They were every where, you could not but fall in love and every one of them has a story behind it.




I would always want to take pictures and share them with friends because there are no words to describe the beauty in these grafitti. Colombia is my 2nd home, i would retire there and do more communities work in by God’s grace. All this to say if you are ever in Bogota- make a stop at La  candelaria. i would call it a hub or like a hive because it has everything you want and need and it never sleeps.

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The CN tower is one of the many touristic attractions in the city of Toronto Canada. i have been here for over a year and was itching to go to the CN tower but it’s always a better experience with friends. Ramya (my friend) and a couple of her friends made my trip to the CN memorable,  The CN tower was the tallest building in the world up until 2010 when the Burj khalifa was opened in the Emirates. The view from the skypod is blissful looking down 147 stories, i could see the lake Ontario and fairly Niagara falls. Definitely worth it.  I would advise to go in the evening from 5 ish to avoid a lot of traffic. 20170427_213848IMG_20170427_200236IMG-20170428-WA0043

A night at the distillery district

Hey Guys, in my bid to write on this blog as often between school, work and life – the balance is something am trying to work on. So i apologise but i have some lovely pictures of the city (Toronto) which i took some weeks back at the distillery district . Its called the light festival and it ran from January 27th still March 12th, the district also contain some cafeteria, vintage shops and bars. This is one of the historic site of Canada as it attracts a lot of tourist and Torontonians .It is basically a lights show very beautiful display of lights from different dynamics and angles. Plus it was free so yea sign me up for free stuff -LOL!! Here are a couple of pictures i too with my samsung phone.  Enjoy and let me know which one is your favorites and why? !



Awkward pose.
They are spelt out of padlocks, how cool.
Mee, between it was a cold night.


Groove to these !!! (Africa Style)

As a music lover and proud Nigerian, don’t expect less. we love to feel good, turnout and most of all dance. These are some random songs i think you should groove to, even though you don’t dance or move you could play these songs and feel good. Especially if you love the African rhythm and beats.  In no particular other……

  • Davido- If and Coolest kid in Africa, These two songs are my go to currently. The videos are extremely colourful and lovely while the beats gets me dancing. Do check them out.
  • Timaya – Bang Bang and Woyo is a jam!  Particularly if you are into the dancehall, Timaya is your go to guy with a mix of african melody and flow! #drops mic# .Please see the video below and shake your body to it
  • Maleek Berry –Kontrol  this particular song has a kick to it, it’s not particularly new but it grow on me and the video made me fall quicker. This is the song you can dance to with your man , woman or your friends. it cuts across. it’s a yes for me!
  • Wizkid –Daddy Yo  Now this is what we call a club banger, the song you are waiting on the DJ to come through with and it finally drops and you just lose your cool. I know this doesn’t just happen to me yea? you feel me ? LOL The video is another days talk. Enjoy!
  • Mr Eazi ft Lil Kesh-   If you haven’t heard of Mr eazi  music then fam, i know you sleeping but it not too late. GO AND GET THE ALBUM. Between this song is one of my favorites. Lil kesh rap gave it a street spin, lean back and groove to it.
  • Runtown- Mad Over yes i know i said 5 but its hard to keep count. This song is another banger in the streets, enjoy the beautiful scenes and rhyme it brings.